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SortME; The Face-Tracking Meccanum Robot

SortME V1 uses the following parts. 4 sparkfun mecanum wheels, 1 Arduino UNO Rev 3 and 1 adafruit motor shield.

Here is a picture of the current working roboSort V1


SortME V2

Out with the old, in with the new! Say Hello to SortME V2!


SortME V2 With Camera and BeagleBone

Have a look at some new pictures of SortME V2 with added camera and beagleBone black functionality. sortMEV2sortMEV2  sortMEV2

Camera Tracking Example

Look below to see SortME V2 driving in response to what it sees using its camera. In this case it is looking for a white rectangles. SortME V2 then moves respectively to center itself.

Project Documentation

Here is the project PDF file: SortME Documentation