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CeeVee, the robot vision educational platform.

CeeVee was an idea I came up with out of my two passions, robotics and computer vision. I love to see people interested in these topics and want to help people who are interested in learning more about either field. That is why this exists. Cevee is an inexpensive gateway into higher level robotics concepts such as navigation, any type of computer vision, pathplanning, and much more. There are many other products out on the market for introductory robotics concepts. However there are little to no products that teach high level robotics conecepts without breaking the bank, or being so complicated that it turns people off of robotics all together. CeeVee is the perfect match for anyone wanting to break away from introductory robotics platforms and transition into higher level robotics.

CeeVee has a ABS 3D printed chassis and 3D printed wheels. its source of locomotion is full rotation servos driven by 4 AA batteries and a PWM signal. the main controller board is a beaglebone black. Connected to this board is a USB webcam to aquire images. A single cell lipo battery powers the Beaglebone black over a buck converter and USB. The beaglebone comes pre-loaded with several software examples.

I have included some picture of the initial revision here:

ceevee front

under top